What exactly is Donald Trump?

I don’t mean that in the physical sense. He appears to be a white human male, although these days one can never really be too certain. I mean more in the beliefs and ideology department. What exactly is he?

20 years ago (if that long) he would have been seen as somewhat of a centrist. He wants a strong economy, speaks against illegal immigration and see the folly in continually spending more money than we take in as a country. Today though he appears to be to the extreme far right.

That makes me sad.

As most of you know by now he has donated to both sides, and to Hillary’s 08 campaign. I don’t know if that was about ideology or more about attempting to stay in the graces of whichever side happened to win an election. After all, these days being on the wrong side of the winning party can be disastrous for your business.

Listening to him speak you would think he is a conservative. But maybe, just maybe he’s a common sense candidate. Maybe he understands that following the Constitution made us the most powerful country on this planet, and getting back to that could be one of those amazing Mornings in America like Reagan gave us.

Then again maybe he is a ploy by the establishment to take support from Cruz or Paul. I mean it’s possible but that would mean that Donald Trump would have to be willing to play spoiler for other people to get the glory. That sound like the Donald that the public has known? Secondly, we have seen the GOP establishment in action. Does anyone here think that they are that smart and capable? Does anyone believe they could actually pull that off?

We know where Cruz and Paul stand on issues.  They have voting records to prove it. While Walker doesn’t have a voting record on some things he has a record to look at. Yes, I know I left the amnesty shrills off this list. They are dead to me so they don’t need mentioning.

That leaves people like Carson, Trump, and Fiorina who don’t have a voting record to show. They are only able to say the words and hope we believe they aren’t lying to us.

So Donald says some truths, the left, media, and GOP establishment wet themselves and the only person willing to stand with him is Ted Cruz.

I’ll be honest, I have a hard time seeing Donald Trump winning the nomination much less the general. But, I said the same thing about a freshman Senator from Illinois.

Or maybe his positions are less important than a man who will stand up and say what he thinks and to hell with those who don’t like it. Maybe that is what the electorate is after these days.

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