Barbra Boxer wants an end to Sanctuary Cities.

No not really. I mean who on the left is going to advocate for that? But here is what she said according to The Blaze:

For decades, I have supported deporting violent criminals, and I have always believed that sanctuary should not be given to felons,” Boxer said.

Bolding mine.

See that. “sanctuary should not be given to felons.” Now what makes a felon? Oh that’s right one who breaks Federal Law. Like, for instance, Federal Immigration Law?

That’s right ladies and gentlemen every illegal alien in this country is a felon. Granted not convicted felons, yet, but felons none the less. So see, even Babs thinks that sanctuary should go away completely.

All of this is in response to the illegal alien Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez killing Katie Steinle in San Francisco. But this is even better:

Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer, also from Northern California, said she asked Gov. Jerry Brown if state law was followed in the release of Sanchez.

Umm lady. State law was not followed, Federal law was not followed. No law was followed and an innocent woman died because some illegal drug head found a federal officers gun in the trash and killed her.

Which brings up an interesting question, What the hell are federal officers doing wrapping their guns in t-shirts and leaving them on the pier in San Fran? If that is truly how he got the gun.

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