OPM Chief to 21 Million Americans: “Screw You”

So apparently finding out that your government agency was hacked, wait not that’s not right, gave away*, personal information on 21 million Americans is not worth resigning or getting fired over. Man what a country. No matter how stupid you are your job is safe if you work for the Federal beast.

SF-86 forms give away every part of your life. EVERY PART. Everything you have ever done has to be noted, because if they find out you didn’t tell them on that form the Government considers that a lie and will probably not issue you the clearance you are applying for. Which means that cushy fed job you can never be fired from will not come to be.

It also includes almost everyone you know, where you lived, and their information.

This is significantly worse than someone stealing your credit card and having a day at the mall. This is someone moving into your house and pretending to be you because they know everything about you.

I see where there is a lawsuit filed against OPM and Archuleta specifically by the two of the public work force unions. This should be interesting. But here is a question. Can the military members who are affected sue? In most if not all cases military members are not allowed to sue the federal government for basically anything. Can they sue her individually? What about the contractor that was hired to do the security?

What recourse do the millions of service men and women who have just had their private lives handed over to China get? Anyone?

*I say given away because a hack would mean they had to illegally enter the system without permission. OPM gave them the root access.

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