Obama’s buffoonery. The Iran deal.

Yes I know it came out a few days ago that we (and by we I mean Kerry and Obama) signed a deal to stop prevent slowdown allow Iran to have a nuke.

I know what your all thinking right now. The handbook has officially lost it, doesn’t he know that deal saves the earth, prevents ocean risings, and stops Iran from hating Israel?

And you would be wrong. All of you. This deal as many people have written about is the almost the worst possible deal we could have made. We might have well as just written down explicitly allowing them to have the bomb. It will be the same thing. Hell they are still allowed to do research on better centrifuges to be used.

Obama wanted his deal and would stop at nothing to get it. Just look at this back and forth with Jake Tapper. Obama got pissy at the fact Tapper would ask why Obama wouldn’t demand the release of the 4 American’s in Iranian prison. His response is that they could have used that for more concessions? There was nothing more to give them. They got everything they wanted.

Face it all this deal does is ensure that we will have a war in the middle east. It almost ensure the destruction of Israel, provided Israel doesn’t get completely tired of our Presidents asshattery and deal with this themselves.

Let’s be honest here all we did was sign the death warrant of what is suppose to be our ally by allowing a country who’s stated goal is to wipe Israel off the map and kill all Jews access to build a nuclear bomb.

Because no one can clean up a site in 24 days. But then they don’t even have to do that, they can just tell us no we can’t come look there. Other than all that I’m sure its a great deal.

Also to you asshats in the Senate who allowed Corker’s monstrosity to take away your power on this. When this comes up for a vote, remember we are watching.

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