Four Marines and one Sailor dead. Still not Islam’s fault

When word came out about the four Marines GySgt Thomas Sullivan USMC, Sgt Carson Holmquist USMC, LCpl Skip Wells USMC, SSgt  David Wyatt USMC, and one sailor LS2 (SW) Randall Smith USN, who were murdered by a Muslim asshat my initial reaction was anger.

Sadness for their families is there but the anger still consumes me. The idea that our trained military members are left open to attack in their own country, a country that seems to think telling them not to wear uniforms in public is even remotely an acceptable idea pisses me off.

No member of the military should ever be left unable to defend themselves. The idea that training is only good for outside of the country is asinine.

For far too long we have seen the left do everything they can to discredit and destroy the institution and traditions of our military.

Sensitivity training is now more important than anything else. The left is determined to remove the idea that the military has one purpose, kill the people and break the things of those who wish to do this country harm.

This should end and end now. Our military should be allowed to carry at all times regardless of the state they are in. When our service members come home we should be able feel safe, not worried about some fanatical Muslim terrorist looking to become a martyr.

Rest assured though if you do have ideas of becoming a martyr we will be more than willing to accommodate your request.

So mourn the dead, bury them with honors and do all we can to support those families whose sons and daughters have given everything to protect this great country.

And rest assured that once the gloves are taken off our military we will solve the problem of Islamic jihad.

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