The Trump question

So previously I asked what exactly Trump is. One thing I’m pretty certain of is he is not a conservative. I mean it’s possible he changed almost every view he has ever stated publicly but I doubt it.

So why is he doing so well with conservatives. Simple he fights. People and political “experts” in particular are grasping their pearls at the way he answers every question over the top and saying bluntly what everyone is thinking.

Let me let the experts in on a secret. The average person does not have the answers, but they do know the problems. So while your focus groups may tell you how to not offend people no politician is willing to say what they think without ever backing down.

No matter how much flack he gets he spoke the truth, he speaks about things those of us in your less than loved fly over country do. We first have to identify the problem to fix it. Unfiltered and un-pc. Go all out and say it. If you piss people off even better.

Now on to why none of the other candidates can stop him. Because people like S.E. Cupp think that makes idiotic responses like what would Trump do to questions would force him to answer questions in a different way than he does now.

Oh and to Rick Perry, invoking FDR as a humble man while president will win you exactly 0 conservative votes. Cause there is nothing conservatives love more than a president that attempted to stack the SCOTUS extended the depression, gave us the current welfare state, and refused to follow precedent and get out after 2 terms.

The smartest one in the field is Cruz. He is not calling Trump a loon or distancing homself. See he sees what is probably going to happen. Trump will eventually bow out. Then where do his people go. The only one not to insult the man.
Doubt me at your own risk. The people have seen someone refuse to give in to the media or establishment. We will now accept nothing less.

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