Evil makes house calls.

Sometimes you watch the insanity and evil from a distance. Sometimes, however, it comes to your door. I grew up less than an hour from Lafayette. I have family and friends there. I have family and friends that went to college there. I have seen movies in The Grand on Johnston. I knew some of the people there that night.

Lafayette was always the “big” city compared to where I was. It was where we went to have fun.

Now it will be known for some asshat drifter (no I will not give him the satisfaction of using his name) that decided to go BSC in a movie theater. It was not perfect, no place is, but you could feel safe at the mall or out to dinner or even at the movies.

Now a drifter has decided to attempt to shake that confidence. People were just wanting to watch a movie. Because he lost his damn mind the families of Macy Breaux and Jillian Johnson will never see them laugh, smile, touch them, hug them, or watch them grow old.


That is the question everyone is asking isn’t it? Why would a guy with no connection to the city decide to hold up at a Motel 6 walk into a theater spend 13 rounds, kill two people and injure nine more?

What exactly is the point? What great point was he making in life besides proving he was a POS and that the greatest thing he ever did in life was swallow that last round?

Now comes the inevitable. The soulless leeches on society like Shannon Watts say that it’s never to early to politicize a tragedy if guns are involved.

So you know what screw her, let’s do this. Know what would have stopped this? A second gun. In the hands of anyone of the people in that theatre that night. If the Grand didn’t buy into the liberal asshatery of people like Shannon Watts, then maybe they don’t restrict the rights of all the innocent in there to protect themselves from madmen who don’t care about your magical “gun free zone”.

Because a sign makes all of them just magically disappear.

Then it comes out that West Boro hate group has decided to come down and picket the funerals. We down in the south are known for our hospitality, a hospitality I can assure you will not be extended to these people (a term I use very loosely here).

See what happened there I wanted to write something giving the families of those lost all the condolences my little corner of the web could. All I ended up doing was pissing myself off again.

To the families my prayers and thoughts are with you at your darkest hour of need.

To those who wish to make a statement about this and turn it into some political opportunity. Don’t. Trust me. You will not like the results.

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