Ted Cruz wins again

To most conservatives the two most hated people in Government right now. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. Don’t get me wrong Obama, Reid, Pelosi are up there, but there is a difference. We know exactly what we are going to get from them. What we don’t believe we should have to do is watch our own side for furthering leftist government growing ideas.

Now Ted Cruz got up front and personal with McConnell.

Maybe you have seen the video from Ted Cruz destroying Mitch McConnell on the Senate Floor. Turns out that he was willing to come out and say what the rest of us already knew. McConnell can’t be trusted. Personally I would never have given him the benefit that Cruz was willing to extend to him in the first place, but so be it.

So some establishment types like the mental midget Hatch don’t believe that is the purpose of the Senate Floor. One shouldn’t embarrass those with lesser minds in public you know. It’s just not good form.

Horse crap. It’s perfect. Every “expert” wonders why Trump is in the lead. Because he does things like this. Want to know why Cruz will be up there soon? Because he does things like this.

The styles are different sure. Cruz is slightly, how do we say, less boisterous in his way of going about it but it still works. Besides Cruz has an advantage that Trump doesn’t. He can be even more of a thorn in the side of “leadership” and continually introduce bills and amendments in the Senate. Then come out and lambast McConnell when they get blocked as they inevitably will.

Don’t you think it’s going to be fun to watch both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump go after Jeb! in the debates? I do.

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