Where do Conservatives go?

So there are about 17 candidates running for the GOP nomination. I personally put the over under at about 20, but who knows anymore.

So the question becomes where should we as conservatists put our faith and power behind. Not to mention our money and time.

Know that none of this comes from any I side info just a guy who dabbles sitting down giving his opinion.

To start let’s throw out a few. JEB! is gone for obvious reasons. If you don’t know those reasons like common core, amnesty, being a Bush and think he is a conservative then, well your in the wrong place.

Throw out all the ones polling less than zero, those like Kasich who has himself voting for him and that’s about it.

Huckabee was a bad idea last time and still is today. Dr. Carson has some good ideas but his comments about guns take him away and he just seems meek to me. Not as a person just that he’s very quiet and there are a couple in this race that make quiet not work.

Carly seems like she has some gumption and seems the most determined to go after Hillary. We have to see if she can get in the debates and maybe break out, since her statements so far are good, but it’s a very small sample. Her problem is like most others the next guy is sucking all the air and media time up.

Trump is well, Trump. A conservative like we think of it he probably isn’t but so far he hasn’t said anything horrible. Although his somewhat backing off on immigration today is a little disconcerting. Add that to his amount given to Hillary in the past, his pro-abortion stance previously, his pro-gun control and just about every other liberal talking point he has spoken and written of.

Rubio will never win over conservatives. We trusted him and he gave us gang of 8. Now Schumer says he recruited Rubio for that bill. So that leads to two possibilities. 1, he wanted amnesty and the way he fought for the bill tells me that’s probably the case. 2, he was bamboozled by Schumer like he tried to claim later. Either one tells me no.

Walker did good while Gov of Wisconsin. From afar he got great reforms passed, pissed off unions (always a plus), and showed democrats for the spineless asshat they are. His immigration stance is a bit different. Until he got in the race he wasn’t all that determined to stop the invasion from the south.

Jindal is a personal favorite being from my home state. That being said his response a few years back to the SOTU was pretty bad. I believe it was Erick Erickson at Redstate that said he was the Gov that LA needed not the one they wanted. He has a good record and other than not being Indian enough it appears the left has nothing on him. Although that could change if he starts to get higher.

Pataki is a joke right?

That leaves Cruz. Now his epic take down of McConnell on the Senate floor and his destruction of JEB! and others on a talk show proves he I’d after the current Trump supporters. Now the question is, is he positioning himself for a Trump implosion that may never come or is he going to go out and take them? Add to that, can he take them?

Then there is Perry. Now his last run not withstanding, his hiring of a Barbour to run his campaign, his statements against Huckabee and Trump show he still doesn’t get it. Granted he had a great economic record in Texas, hell  an amazing one espicially in this climate these days. That being said either he wants to be nice and gentle or he is getting horrible advice from his “experts”.

Again all this from my brain and how I am seeing it. I could have spent hours on this, but I tried to boil it all down. If I missed anything or you just want to call me an idiot go for it. Just have so.e facts.

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One Response to Where do Conservatives go?

  1. I only have quick reactions, like yours. It doesn’t really matter anyway until there are primaries, and candidates can win some delegates. Until then it’s the equivalent of a Twitter feud – all soundbites, all the time. Trump’s “base” appears to be people who scream at their TVs. Cruz can probably get them if he wants to. Carly and Carson (like the Donald) have no track record of getting elected to any office, and it doesn’t seem fair to nominate someone for the top Exec. job first time out. Let ’em all run for mayor somewhere and prove themselves. I wouldn’t be qualified to offer an opinion about whether any of these people are “true Conservatives”, but there are other factors that have a big influence on electability, like being camera-ready. As you pointed out, Jindal isn’t, the same goes for Rubio and to some degree Jeb Bush, who appears dumber the longer he talks.

    I wouldn’t dare handicap a horse race this crowded. That many people on the same debate stage would be a technical nightmare. Look how often things devolve into interruptions and accusations when news shows feature panels of only FOUR people trying to advance their points of view!

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