Donald just trolled all of you again and he wasn’t even trying.

For the sake of honesty I did not watch the debate Thursday night. I cut the cord a while back and FoxNews doesn’t seem to understand the concept of an online stream. But I digress.

I couldn’t care less what Donald Trump said about Megan Kelly. Not because I don’t think it was a bad comment or shouldn’t have been said, because IT DOESN’T MATTER. That’s why. People are already writing off Donald saying this will be the one that finally kills his chances. Yeah right. This is a man who basically called John McCain a bad sailor because he got captured. Do you really think him going after someone in the media, anyone in the media, in this day and age is going to cost him?

Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt it. As you all can read my first choice is not Donald. I don’t believe he is a conservative and I really don’t believe that he has changed almost every view and belief he has ever held. What he has done is something no one else will do. He attacks relentlessly, to any perceived slight. Was the question about Rosie Odonnell out of bounds? Probably not, but he thought it was, so he attacked. Now here is why he is obviously the smartest man in the field.

What has everyone talked about since the debate? Nothing about candidates’ positions, or what they said. Everyone, to include the other candidates are talking about Donald Trump. Has this man spent a dime yet on ads? If he has he shouldn’t have. He doesn’t need to. He has taken every opponent off message to talk about the great evil Donald.

The only one who even tried to pull it back to actual relevant topics was Ted Cruz. So want to take Donald down. I’ll give everyone the secret right now. STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM. Not the news media. The other candidates. Every question they get is about Donald. Don’t participate.

All the GOP is up in arms about the fact he refuses to rule out a third party run, and that he said that Kelly had blood leaking. In fairness he said later he meant the nose but just wanted to get on with his thought and said where ever. True or not really doesn’t matter. He got exactly what he wanted out of the debate. Another weekend news cycle of non-stop coverage about him. Drowning out every other candidate.

Thus why I don’t care. I wouldn’t have even written this but Redstate took it to a new level by disinviting him. I understand the reasons, but all it did was give him more news time. That I don’t believe was the intended result.

This world is about clips, soundbites, and who can be the most attention grabbing. In essence this entire election was set up to be tailor made for Donald Trump*.


*If he craters in the polls I reserve the right to take back every word I just said.

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