Hillary’s email problems show how stupid she thinks you are.

Not the actual investigation, mind you. The level of stupidity of the Clinton family as a whole criminal enterprise. These are the people you would watch on World’s Dumbest Criminals if they weren’t a former first family.

Bryan Pagliano has been issued a subpoena this week to testify in front of Trey Gowdy and his House Benghazi Committee. Apparently he has decided, upon the advice of his attorney, to plead the Fifth. Why he would need to plead the fifth I will let you good readers decide. Why he hasn’t been issued immunity yet boggles my mind.

That might not be the end of his fifth pleadings though. It turns out according to the Washington Post that Senate Judiciary, and Homeland Security Committees would like a crack at him as well. This could get interesting.

Now comes the really stupid part. According to Breitbart News, clintonemail.com was registered to a company called Perfect Privacy, LLC. Who is owned by web.com.

This company sole purpose for existing is to hide the true identities of domain owners. For a fee they will put their name and address on the registration and not yours. Great stuff if your trying to hide something. Like a server in a bathroom holding classified information.

So they give security right? Nope. According to their own people they recommend Norton Anti-virus. But they do ensure you don’t get all that spam mail. So Nigerian Prince’s who wanted to offer Clinton some money were left out in the cold.

So she wanted a server that she could hide from the world, and mostly from FOIA acts and such forth, hid behind a company made for hiding domain registrations, and still named it clintonemail.com? Wow. Did she really think that no one would come to realize who exactly owned that?

And it appears someone figured it out. According to Reason.com there is a person out there who hacked and stole all the not yet released emails from Clinton’s server. He/She will give them to you for the starting bid of 500 grand.

Hmmmm.. I wonder if Donald is willing to part with that kind of money to climb further in the polls? Sure the punditry would hate him and legalities are questionable at best, but think of how much the base of the right would love to see him release all those emails to Congress?

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