KY clerk Kim Davis jailed

In what can only be described as the further erosion of God’s blessings on this country, Kim Davis has been ordered to jail for contempt of court.

A stay was requested and denied by the judge, who has decided that the ability to have the State recognize your choice to screw another man in the ass is more important than the Constitutional right of Freedom of and to practice your religion.

Sad day for all of us.

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4 Responses to KY clerk Kim Davis jailed

  1. The contempt citation and penalty is because, unlike the rest of us, she refuses to do her job, yet also refuses to quit. If you have moral objections to what your boss or the business requires of you, you buckle down and do them, or you quit. She deserves to sit in jail and be fined until she makes one of the same choices the rest of us have to. This is a great illustration of what’s wrong with these lifetime government jobs. She took over the office from her mom, and is her son’s boss. Now she thinks she can dictate how it operates. But it’s not her family’s right. Serving the public is a privilege, one that she is abusing.


    • As much as I don’t like the dynasty aspect of it. She was elected to that position. Have we come go a point in this country that a person’s beliefs are no longer valid? If the state of KY doesn’t like it they can impeach her. The KY constitution states marriage as man and woman. One does not give up their rights to hold public office. She is not denying them from marrying only saying she will not be the one that issues and signs the marriage license.

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      • To present an alternate example, a person who signs up for active military forgoes their First Amendment rights for the duration of their service. Why? The oath of service they take supersedes private rights legally.

        I’m a medical asst. and imaging tech. I’ve had to help dig bullets out of gang members, to help save their lives. Did I have the option to refuse treatment, because I know they are engaged in an evil lifestyle? No. I took an oath to serve the public without exception, to get my licenses.

        At this point 5 of 6 deputy clerks have told the judge they will issue the marriage licenses, the lone holdout being Mrs. Davis’ son. We’ll see if they let her out until she chooses to do what the job requires, or resigns.

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      • Active duty only for goes that while actually wearing the uniform. Outside of duty they are not restricted, only caveat being they can’t use their position to attempt to speak on behalf of the service. I understand what your saying as far as your job goes but there is a difference between the life and death you deal with and issuance of a state license. But some dr.s do refuse certain procedures on religious or ethical grounds. People simply go to a different dr. I’m certain others on the state would issue the same license.


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