Debate part Deux

So watched me some debates last night. Learned zero.

In the first debate the first half of it was entirely dedicated to Donald Trump. Not what those four have to offer, although in the case of Lindsey Graham we already knew the answer was nothing. But he did visit Afghanistan and Iraq 35 times, as he continually pointed out.

Jindal won that debate, but in all honesty it was like winning the tallest midget contest. After all he had to compete with the like of Graham and Santorum. I honestly believe my couch could have won that debate.

For the main event we had half the population of the country it seemed on stage. Anyone who might have ever thought about running for President managed to get on the stage.

11 people is too much. Again the debate started wondering how people felt about Donald Trump saying the things that Donald Trump says. Personally, I don’t care. He is an egotistical asshole, but everyone knew that already. That actually is his draw. He is an equal opportunity asshole so people see him as a fighter, someone to offend the perpetually offended pearl clutchers in this country and around the world.

Jeb should just give up. Seriously, even trying to look tough comes across as the nerd in the back who thinks he can back the bully down, and will only end up with a busted lip for his troubles. No one really takes him seriously.

Walker is, well I’m not sure, I was going to say timid but I don’t think that’s the right word. I think he is looking for the moment Donald is gone and a nice, pleasant, civil round of failure theatre can happen.

Cruz was Ted Cruz. He didn’t force his way into the convo as much as I would have liked to see but every one of his answers was thoughtful and intelligent. All in all he was too silent due to lack of questions his way and that hurts him.

Rubio is good at the debates. His fatal flaw is this. a) He wants amnesty (likely), or b) he was too stupid and gullible to realize that Chuck Schumer was using him and about to eat his lunch. Either way NO.

Kasich needs to follow Jeb to the nearest exit of the train.

Huckabee sounded like a man who has been speaking in front of audiences for years. As a preacher it was great training for this. Still people didn’t like him last time, and his record in Arkansas doesn’t help. Besides I believe we can all agree we have had enough musical Governors from Arkansas.

Christie came across as the pitbull that got him fame before the 2008 election. For him its too late though.

Fiorina looked good. She sounded smart and rehearsed. She seems like she put in the time to learn stuff, which contrary to our current WH occupant, is a nice change. How far she goes I truly don’t know. Her HP time wasn’t the best and that could hurt her. But not many people know her yet, so maybe it ends up not mattering.

Carson was lost. That’s about the only thing I can think to say for him. He seems in way over his head. Surgeon General perhaps?

Paul, is well Paul. He is bent on getting weed legalized and seems to be too timid to actually use our military. His past of taking down NSA spying will help him, but he did come out in full support of Mitch McConnell. So NO.

Overall we learned that Carly can study up, Dr. Carson is not ready yet, and Donald Trump is and ass.

On a side note I did like the number of them that said after their Presidency there would be no more IRS. So there is that.

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