Shutdown theater season is here.

Rejoice all ye who enter. It is the middle of September. That can mean only one thing. Congress has again failed to follow the law and pass a budget and spending bills for the following fiscal year. Which means we get to be treated to a rousing rendition of failure shut down theater.

Now a couple years ago, one Ted Cruz aided by his friend Mike Lee decided that Obamacare was a hill worth dying on, and promptly shut down the federal leviathan. Actually they shutdown 18% of it, but you know.

So to make the people realize how painful life without the nanny state would be POTUS decided to close open air monuments in DC. Stopping WWII vets from visiting.. the WWII memorial. You know the one dedicated to THEM.

Now we were warned that such antics would doom the GOP. Conservatism would die, the world would end, and Dems would have even more people in Congress. Those predictions turned out to be slightly less than accurate.

Instead the GOP took over the Senate, grew the majority in the House and took more Governorships and State Legislatures since the 1920’s.

So now we have once again Ted Cruz, claiming he will do whatever he has to do to make sure that Planned Parenthood is not funded up to and including shutting all 18% down again.

Or is he?

See Ted is a relatively smart man. He realizes there are those out there that believe a large intrusive liberty sucking, soul crushing government is a good thing. So what to do? He is running for a new office if you haven’t heard. Decisions Decisions.

Well since he seems able to get the Freedom Caucus to help him in the House getting a funding bill that removes Planned Parenthood seems plausible. Then comes Harry Reid’s Senate. No it does not belong to Mitch McConnell. Turtles are not allowed to run things.

Dem’s will filibuster anything that doesn’t fund the precious. So reconciliation will be needed. So the question becomes will 51 of the 54 Republicans actually vote for it? Or will McConnell cower before the fight begins and attempt to surrender early? After all he wants nothing to do with fights, shut downs, or conservatism.  He wants to govern.

Now any bill that gets through without PP funding will be vetoed. Fine let it happen. Let Obama shut down the government. Once he does, use the worst parts of every video and make a commercial forcing the American people to see them. Show them what he is shutting down the government to preserve.

Ted Cruz can do his part by obstructing at every turn. If they try to slip in PP funding, well another night of him reading bed time stories to his kids sounds like a great plan. While he’s up there, maybe he can pull the entire Iran bill to read publicly, then the Obamacare bill, and if that doesn’t work, there is always the Tax laws.

The only thing that should stop it would be exhaustion and the fact that reading all that might depress someone enough to do something drastic.

Either way, this can be Cruz’s moment. The base has not forgotten what he did in 2013. They just have a shiny new toy to play with who is louder than everyone else. Revert them back and show them real action, leadership, and a willingness to stick to your principles and watch the polls grow.  Add to that Donald will have to stand by Cruz. Cruz has stuck with him, and him giving in and being willing to fund PP when there is an active fight to stop the funding would be a serious blow to him were he to go with the establishment on that.

On a side note, watching the GOPe collective head explosion would also be pretty damn fun.

If the other 2 Senators in this race are serious, then the 3 of them will get together and force the removal of PP funding, no matter what it takes. Personally a month or so of 18% less government would be great. They say it takes about that long to break a bad habit. Let people see they will survive, life will go on, and in the end they will have more freedom with less government and we might be able to save this damn Shining City on the Hill.

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