Why Trump is the New Eisenhower on Immigration

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Donald Trump Dwight David Eisenhower Collage

By: Jeffrey Lord |
The issue? Illegal immigration.

The answer? The Republican candidate had an answer. If he were elected president, the illegals swarming into the United States from Mexico would have to go.

No, the Republican candidate was not Donald Trump. The candidate in question was Dwight D. Eisenhower. And on Election Day of 1952, Ike was elected the nation’s 34th president in a landslide.

The General used buses. He used trains. He used ships. Most importantly he used the agents of the U.S. Border patrol.

On June 17, 1954, using what today would be considered a deeply politically incorrect term, “Operation !@!$!%$” began. Eisenhower had appointed a West Point classmate and veteran of the 10st Airborn, General Joseph “Jumpin’ Joe” Swing to head the Immigration and Naturalization Service. The Eisenhower directive to Swing was Trumpian: they have to go, round them up and move them out. And in…

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