So now what?

John Boehner is gone. Well soon to be gone. All we have to do now is make sure he doesn’t completely sell us out before he leaves. That he will try is certain, the real question is who takes over for him?

Kevin Mcarthy – CA with a liberty score of 45% F, is Boehner’s hand selected replacement. Well John, I’m sure you and the rest of the surrender caucus in the GOP would love to just move another liberal squishy up to the top chair.

That would destroy everything we have worked for. Getting Boehner to leave could be a watershed moment. One of those times that forces complete change upon those who have no interest in it. It could be the time to force the squishy GOP Congressmen to grow a pair and start fighting for conservative values or find a new line of work. Those should be the only 2 options at this point.

But like I said who takes over for him? So far the only person to throw their name in the ring is Daniel Webster from Florida with a Heritage score of 76. Better than both Mcarthy or Boehner, but is someone who is only 3/4 of the way willing to fight what we want?

Redstate thinks its a trap to have the conservatives put forth a name, they only have veto and kingmaker power Erickson says.  Maybe, but if you can be the veto and you can play the kingmaker then you own all the power.

If the entire Freedom Caucus is going to block vote all or none, then no one can win without their approval and support. That is a whole new ballgame.

Every time a name is brought up someone says that person doesn’t want it because it would be like herding cats in Congress and they have no interest in doing it. Tell me when did not doing it because it was hard become an acceptable excuse?

Life is hard, war is hard, storming Normandy was damn near impossible, but we did it. Reversing the leftist sprint we are on will be hard, who gives a damn. Nothing worth having comes easy as they say.

So if your too scared that you might fail as Speaker, then you know what, we don’t want you anyway. However, if you have a set, are willing to risk failing, not being re-elected, and becoming a driving force to put this country back on track to following the Constitution then go for it.

Success is hard, and controlling the GOP isn’t easy. But look at it this way. You know the moderates will surrender every time a fight comes up. All you have to do is show them they can’t win by going against you and they fold. Seems pretty simple to me.

Oh and just because it’s fun. More and more people are coming out to tell McConnell to get lost as well.

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