Shut Down wins the White House

Everywhere I read the last couple days I have been seeing the same thing. McConnell wants to keep the government open to protect his 2016 election class. What an idiot.

Boehner apparently made the statement that Democrats want to keep the government open as much as he does. Do they? Really? Why not make them prove it.

We all know that intelligence is not McConnell or Boehners strong suit. Folding and curling into a ball is their most perfected talent. Reading and understanding politics is definitely not.

Let’s see a couple years ago all we heard was how the Cruz led shutdown was going to destroy the GOP for elections to come, possibly even generations. It would bring back the permanent Dem majority in Congress and the White House would be nothing but a pipe dream.

Well after that 18%ish shutdown, that saw open air monuments barricaded, and the Deadliest Catch guys go to Congress to testify, Boehner and McConnell and the rest of the GOP “leadership” blinked. They gave Obama everything he wanted and then some.

So that election in 2014 must have been a serious drubbing for the GOP, right? Well not exactly. Turns out they expanded their majority in the House. Took 9 seats in the Senate to gain the Majority, and over 300 seats from Federal to local elected positions. We now have 24 States of both Governor and State House GOP rule vs only 7 for the Dems.

The GOP managed to take 68 of the 98 State Legislatures. Math time. That means GOP took over 3/4 of the state legislatures, and just below HALF of all State Governments. Some blow back for shutting down the government I see there.

Some will say that since it was only 16 days it was forgotten by election day. The fact that it was an off year and Obama wasn’t on the ticket hurt the Dems. Maybe, but not that much.

This was a direct result of the shut-down. No in spite of it.

So to whoever takes over Speaker, read history. It is full of all kinds of fun facts that can be learned. Like how people hate the government and want less of it at just about any cost.

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2 Responses to Shut Down wins the White House

  1. I don’t think the previous shutdowns helped anyone, except maybe Donald Trump to come to prominence by proving those on the inside can’t accomplish goals. It lead to sequester, the dumbest way to cut costs – across the board. The GOP made election gains because it wasn’t the only issue in play. Governorships and state legislature totals aren’t really relevant to power balance discussions. The country is diverse, and local issues determine those contests. Look at what happened to Scott Walker. Super successful in his state. Refused to switch strategies for a national contest, and he got creamed.

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    • Agree completely that sequester is just about the most ignorant way to cut a cost. In a perfect world debate on the merits of each dollar spent, but this is DC we’re talking about common sense ain’t exactly common. Scott Walker was great in WI and not ready for National coverage. After all it was only a few years ago he was a county commissioner, but I don’t think he is gone forever, I do believe he learned some things. Donald is driven by the shut down to an extent. The only time anyone tried to fight and managed to get nothing for it. The Obamacare roll out did hurt Dems, but I don’t believe there was that much anger at the GOP in the base to cause them harm. After all the real problem is that the House controls all spending. Anyone else can say they want something or plan for something but unless the House goes for it it will not happen. That was Boehners problem. He refused to use the power of the purse. Shut downs may be rare in today’s climate, but they have been used in numerous other Presidencies. Reagan, Carter, Clinton and each of those times it was Dems causing them and they managed to hold onto power for what 50 something years. Clinton shutdown excluded.

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