Reid once again proves he still runs the Senate. Gives Vets the Finger.

This time he proves it at the detriment of Veterans throughout this country. Now no one will ever say that the VA is the gold standard of health care. Or even for that matter anything closely resembling anything that we should be affording our veterans but it is what we have until smarter people get rid of the asshats currently in power.

Harry Reid has decided to whip McConnell once again on the VA funding bill. 78 billion dollar, well let’s be honest here, waste of money for what we are going to get for it, was filibustered 50-44. As Reid says at the bottom of the Yahoo News account “Republicans are going to need our (Dem) votes.”

Do they? Do they really? Maybe some of you are new to this. See back in 2010 this bill called the Affordable Care Act was passed with 51 votes. Now how mind you could this happen with this whole 60 vote filibuster thing. Reconciliation, that’s how.

Rules are in place that a simple majority can pass funding bills, as to not have such things as the Government not having funds to do government things. Seems to me that this would be a good place to start that. Or follow The Federalists Ben Domenech’s plan and shut down all other Senate business until the filibuster is broken. Make them tell the public every day why they want to strip Veterans of their benefits so badly.

No recess, no vacations, no other votes, no sleep, nothing until the filibuster is broken.

But lets be honest here. McConnell wants to look like the adult who can “govern”. Although I don’t believe that word means what he thinks it does.

The ultimate goal is to end sequestration on domestic spending. Dems can’t stand to see the DoD get around the caps without welfare doing the same. After all they need more of your money to redistribute.

But VA benefits? That is the hill they are willing to fight and die on? That shouldn’t surprise you. They know how much it means to the GOP so they are willing to pull any dirty trick they need to get what they want.

In a weird way, you gotta respect that kind of devotion. Would be nice to see that for some conservative principals once in a while.

But until McConnell admits he is an absolute failure at life and removes himself like Boehner did we can expect capitulation and everything that Obama wants to pass. But hey, at least we own both houses of Congress now right. Good thing we control the purse strings or there is no telling how much money would get spent.

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