Voter ID good, Fingerprints would be better.

So according to RedState this morning the ACLU is again fighting their never ending quest to remove any type of oversight concerning voter activity before the 2016 election. That means once again Voter ID is on the mind of every liberal out there.

Knowing that victory would typically elude them if playing by the rules, they simply want to change the rules. Well they want to prevent a system that would ensure confidence in the voting process so that felons, illegal aliens, and people who believe in the motto “Vote early vote often” are not disenfranchised.

Voter ID is a great plan, and opposite no other choice I am fully for it. Here is the thing though, every one of us already has a unique identifier that was given to us by God, and not the state. Your fingerprints.

Every year we use them to solve untold numbers of crimes, validate your not a criminal for the purpose of a job, and just about everything else we can think of. My church uses fingerprints for parents to check in and check out their children for bible study. So your telling me the church takes security more important than the State takes our voting rights.

Most of us have been fingerprinted at one time or another. Not just those of you who have worn the fashionable metal bracelets either, although that is an added bonus to this.

See in my plan when you register to vote you give an electronic fingerprint, or palm print, or thumb print, or hell all of them. Then all of that information, name, address, voting location, are uploaded to a central database of the State and the State only. One that is prohibited by law from ever being accessed for any reason other than fingerprint ID for the purpose of voting.

No selling the info, no personal access for anyone. Let the computer do what it does. The database will search new prints against all Federal and State databases.

This would do two things. First it would prohibit felons from even registering to vote. Second it would ensure you are who you say you are.

Now the third part of this is where it might get somewhat tricky. Since searching the entire database for every voter throughout voting day might cause system failures, each precinct will get a server with ONLY those people registered in that precinct. No registering while your there, if you move and you know its going to be right around election time, you need to make plans, vote early in your old district, or we could have a way for you to go online and move your registration to a new district.

Either way your name and fingerprints will only be in one precinct server come voting day, and that is the only place you can vote.

Now to those who think crossing state lines will help you, we would have to develop a way to allow the databases to “talk” before voting season. I would love a way to have it be instant during voting and show up if your trying to vote a second time, but time and processing power may limit that.

And the more points you add are points for failure.

The last part would be this. At the voting booth when you scan your finger, and your record is found, your PICTURE will show up right there on the screen for the poll worker to see.

Add to that a cop right behind whose only purpose is to arrest those attempting to use other peoples ID to vote and this might become a thing of the past. Any ideas to improve I’m open to listening.

Oh, I know cost is an issue some will have with this, but let’s be honest, as long as the people who built aren’t building it, servers and portals aren’t really that expensive.

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