Being Speaker is easy, the directions were written in 1776

Everywhere you read lately the GOP is either in a civil war, a herd of cats, or is completely unmanageable.

While the first part is partially true, the last one is not. See, there is no secret on how to manage and lead the House GOP including the extremely conservative members. It is very simple actually. LISTEN TO THEM.

The GOPe has had its own way for a long time. It could spout off what people wanted to hear in elections, avoid any contentious bills during election time and do the bidding of the big check writers. Now all of a sudden that doesn’t work.

Previously they would co-opt new members, or outright make sure the conservative lost ala Mississippi Senate race in 2014.

So what do these people want so badly as to destroy the GOP to get it? That is simple as well. The CONSTITUTION to be followed. That is all. No more CR’s. No more crisis budgeting. Actual budgets, force Obama to issue vetoes if he chooses, but you will never know until the bill is sent to him do you. Instead this “leadership” surrenders before the attempt is even made.

People want to know who to blame, Brett Bair on Fox News thinks that Ted Cruz is to blame since he is in constant contact with the HFC.

Well if Ted Cruz can single handedly shut down the government in 2013, and get one Speaker removed and the heir apparent to drop out before votes are even counted, then maybe everyone should step back and realize that Ted Cruz must be the most powerful man on Capitol Hill.

If someone wants to be Speaker it is pretty simple. Assign all funding bills to a month of the year. Budget submitted and passed by end of April, whether POTUS submits one or not.

One funding bill each month every month following that. Public debate over each dollar. Put the pressure on the Senate and that asshat McConnell. Then refuse any other bills until such time each funding bill is passed by the Senate. Do not allow them to combine them into a CR or Omnibus. Refuse to even take it up.

Force this government to follow the laws of math. No budget should ever exceed the average tax inlays of the average of the last 3 years. Remember the House owns the budget and the money. In this area everyone else gets to propose things, but the House and the House alone gets to make decisions.

Just like that, no more fighting from the conservative wing of the GOP. Harmony and happiness prevail. Hell to top it off, the debt would actually come down, deficits would disappear, and the economy would boom.

Couldn’t have that now could we.

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