McCarthy quits, speculation grows. Conservatives chance is now.

When the news broke about Kevin McCarthy taking his ball and going home in the race for Speaker of the House my first reaction was


My second thought was


After that my thought was to congratulate the HFC and other conservatives in the House for standing their ground and doing the work of the people.

I have to admit, originally I just figured that he finally realized he was not going to get to 218 and decided not to take on a protracted fight. Sure he probably could have gotten Dem’s to vote for him eventually like Rep Charlie Dent seems to think is a logical way to elect a speaker.

If the GOPe thinks we are mean to them now, try going that route Mr. Dent. I can assure you, life will not be fun for a long time. But then again that is always the view of the establishment. Never work with the conservatives, it’s much easier to beg for help from Democrats. After all they both want the same things.

Then I started reading about it a little more and the rumors were pointed out to me. That’s right I had forgotten completely about the McCarthy Ellmers rumors. Even the letter that Walter Jones sent out didn’t cause those synapsis to fire again.

Now though things make sense. The real question though is this. Did the conservatives in the House force him out by letting him know they would make it public if he didn’t? If so, congrats, glad to see the gloves have finally come off. Now force him out of leadership completely.

Or was this more sinister. I noticed that after his announcement the election has been delayed. For how long is not known, just delayed. Apparently more time is needed to beat on the Conservatives and attempt to force them to accept a CoC loving hippie.

Then I read about how people were literally crying after his recusal. Actual damn tears. Are you kidding me? No wonder they always lost. Drunk, orange, and crying is now way to go through life.

There is no reason for delay. There are still people in the race. Although from the Establishment perspective not the “right” people.

So once again I issue a call to the Conservatives in the House. Who among you has the balls to stand up and lead. You have done great work so far. But much more can be done with the properly principled people in leadership.

You always want limited government here is your chance to be in charge of the branch that solely posses the power of the purse. Act on it, your country needs you. No more should lesser of two evils be the choice. It is time the people had a choice they could get excited about voting for and supporting instead of something to vote against.

If you are willing to put the Constitution, individual freedom, and personal responsibility above any politics, you will forever have the people, governments true source of power, firmly behind you.

I will warn you though. You will be ridiculed, mocked, an insulted by the left, the GOPe, and the media. You will not be the leader those groups want, but you will be the leader the American People need.

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