NY values?

What are New York values?

That seems to be the question lately. When Ted Cruz said that Donald Trump represented NY values what exactly did he mean? Well let’s look at this in 1999 Trump gave an interview with Russert that stated he didn’t have problem with gays in the military, gay marriage, partial birth abortion and that he grew up in Manhattan. This was where he said those values gained from growing up there were different than those of Iowa or other places NY is just different.

Since the debate Trump has thrown out the heroic response of the first responders to 9/11, saying that is NY values. But is it? Does anyone here feel that responders in any other city in America would have responded differently? Or the thousands of people who flocked to NYC to help in the aftermath from around the country. So from that aspect I think what you saw in that response were human values. Christian values if you will. Willingness to help those in desperate need.

Or are NY values those that elected Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer to the Senate. Or values that elected a mayor that was so liberal he believed that a perfect use of government was to limit the amount of Coke you can buy at one time, or how much ammo you can carry in your gun. Or the next mayor who is so determined to stand with liberals and BLM that the police department literally turned their back him. Or is it the Governor who said that conservatives who believe in the 2nd amendment, pro-life, and against gay marriage weren’t welcome in NY because those were not NY values.

So ask yourself this? Did Ted Cruz really insult the people of NY or did he just point out exactly what they are. Now from what I hear upstate and western NY are much different than NYC. That maybe so, but the numbers prove out exactly what a majority of the voting public in NY consider their values.


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6 Responses to NY values?

  1. No, the question isn’t “What are NY values?” Everyone knows Cruz meant it to be an insult. It’s called a “dog whistle”.


    • What about it is an insult? Trump himself said those are NY values. How is calling him to claim his own words an insult? Unless of course liberals even realize deep down that being liberal is an insult to intelligent thought.


      • Cruz said “NY values” the same way he and others use “thug” instead of the n-word. It’s a dog whistle, a coded, substitute word chosen for the benefit of his base. It doesn’t really mean anything more specific than “he’s not like US”. It’s a xenophobia trigger. And I’m not a liberal. This was just an obvious case of using that rhetorical technique.


      • Don’t nyers themselves sat they are different. Didn’t trump himself say that NY is different than ever where else.
        Wasn’t calling you a liberal. But aren’t people inherently different? But there is no denying the values around NY that trump great up in are different that rural america.


      • I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree. You’re twisting yourself into a logic pretzel to justify what he said as “true”, and to me it’s an obvious, easy-to-understand, ugly innuendo – an indication of his general delight in sniping at others..


      • There is nothing wrong with disagreements. As long as we come together to ensure hillary never sees the inside of the white house again.

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