Denying Delegates is just GOP Failure

The current plan by the GOP is not surprising. It is what they always do. Lose. At. Life.

Face it, when is the last time the Republicans won anything? Legislatively? Election wise? Anything? Don’t tell me about 2010 and 2014 that wasn’t the Republicans. That was one issue causing both of those. Obamacare. In 2010 the goal was to get rid of as many Democrats as possible in the hopes of repealing it in 2012 when it was certain a new White House occupant would be named.

Remember how that turned out? The GOP forced ol’ Mittens down our throat and we lost. Just like McCain in 08, just like Dole in 96, just like Bush 41 in 92. W only managed to win because the Supreme Court said he did, and only won re-election because, well, seriously it was John Kerry.

2014 was a direct result of Obamacare. People finally got to see it in action. The also got to watch Ted Cruz shut down the government in a last ditch effort to stop it. Everyone said he just cost the GOP its 2014 chances. What he actually did was excite and invigorate the base.

Now they have a new plan for proving they are losers. Denial of delegates, also known as #NeverTrump. So the ignorant plan isn’t to win the nomination. Well, at least they are admitting all they know how to do is lose. No the plan is to try to stop Trump from getting 1237 and then causing havoc at the convention.

What they refuse to realize is their only chance to beat Trump is the only guy who has beat him. Now admittedly Cruz has won 8 to Trumps 14 states, so its not like he’s crushing Trump here. But math. The math, just like the eye in the sky, never lies.

If they truly wanted to promote conservative values, and stop Trump, they would have forced Marco and Kasich to drop out after last Super Tuesday. Also can we stop calling them all super, it’s getting old.

They have a chance by forcing a one on one race with Cruz to stop Trump. I am not saying that would be a guaranteed victory but it stands a much better chance than the current deny delegate asshattery.

Now admittedly Cruz’s statements on the shutting down of Trump’s rally in Chicago were less than.. well they sucked. I realize some of you have decided that is enough of a reason to drop Cruz. So be it. I only ask to those of you who truly stand for conservative principles and have now decided to drop him, ask yourself who has done more for this cause recently. From his time as Solicitor General to his time in the Senate his record does speak for itself. I am not saying it is perfect, but I’m yet to meet perfection in human form.

As for Donald Trump. I get completely why people back him. The anger he recognizes is true and valid. The only question I still have of him is what is a win? If his convergence to conservatism is true then I will happily eat crow about my doubts. I have seen nothing to make me forget my doubts though. However, when given the choice of him, a socialist, or an unindicted felon, well that choice is pretty easy.

The thing is it really doesn’t matter what I think. What matters is what the voter choose. If enough Republican primary voters decide he is the man to lead the party, playing stupid denial games is only going to cause Cleveland to burn. By that same admission, I believe that while Trump supporters will not like it, if Cruz does walk in with the most delegates he should get it. After all Donald said the same thing at the last debate. But an attempt to take away the nomination from whoever wins the most delegates, even if that number isn’t 1237 is only another GOP determination to keep losing.

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