This idiotic sit in by Democrats might be the best thing ever.

Now follow me on this before the pitch forks and calls of traitor come out. No I will never support taking away someone’s God given, Constitutionally protected rights without due process. I love my guns and anyone who ever tries to come get them, well.

But think about it this way. As long as these knuckle draggers sit on the floor of the House, the House cannot conduct any business. This means there is no chance of any laws passing. This means no new submissions by the GOP to Obama (this does not mean they will not ultimately capitulate).

Now does anyone think this will go on once some precious spending bill comes due? Please spending tax money is crack to these people.

For now, I’m relatively certain none of their stupid proposals will ever pass. Although if the law was changed so any U.S. citizen attempted to be placed on any government watch list had to be notified within 24 hours, and had to have a court hearing within say 72 hours, BEFORE any rights were taken away, I could consider it.

Once that happened people would be allowed to know they were being placed on a list, the government would have to prove why, and due process would be followed. But that’s not their goal and we know it.

Dems only want a crack to take away guns from everyone. Let this pass and I assure you the entire country would be on a list inside of 6 months.


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2 Responses to This idiotic sit in by Democrats might be the best thing ever.

  1. Heartafire says:

    It does seem rather pathetic and sad to have a sit in but not as idiotic as allowing those on the no fly list legally purchase assault weapons as is the case with the Orlando shooter. No one is going to take away your right to bear arms in the US but this is a different world we live in than when our forefathers wrote the Bill of Rights. I was shocked to learn that Sen. John Mc Cain accepted donations in the Amt of 7,8 million dollars from the NRA. That money ain’t for nothing.


    • You’re right. The money is to get someone elected who shares their values, just like the millions planned parenthood or the SEIU spend every election on the other side.

      But your also wrong. Mateen was on exactly zero watchlists. He was on one, then the FBI investigated him twice, ignored all the signs, and to make sure they weren’t being racist they let him go. Hell no one even bothered to show up when Mateen was reported trying to buy body armor and large quantities of ammo.

      So he used what people call an assault rife. Would you feel better if it was just a shotgun? He was there for hours imagine the damage a 3.5 inch 12ga buckshot could do in there.

      Besides it’s not the no fly list they want to ban. Its the terrorist watch list they want banned. Thats almost a million names with no due process and in most cases no identifying info other than a name.

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