Our Apologies Mr. Franklin, but we could only keep it for 240 years.

Today Mr. Comey, the FBI director, announced that “No reasonable prosecutor” would be willing to take the case against Hillary Clinton for her bathroom server. Well actually its servers now. See that was some other info he gave us today. She had multiple servers.

240 years 1 day. That is how long our Republic lasted since Adams, Jefferson, Washington and those other brave souls created this great nation. Even then they had their doubts if it could last long. Mr. Franklin made that clear with his response of “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Well Mr. Franklin, to you and all those brave men who gave us this freedom, on behalf of all of us doing what we could to keep it, we apologize. We failed.

Clinton put private server in her home, allowed and encouraged classified information to be passed through it, and got it hacked. Anyone who doesn’t believe it was hacked is by definition, an idiot. After all if it wasn’t hacked, explain to me how wiki-leaks has her emails? Who by the way says they have enough info to indict her.

So maybe that’s what we have come to. In order to ensure the rule of law is followed, we must rely on non-US citizens with a website to show the world crimes were committed. No one can look at this and not realize she broke the law. Intent does not matter. Negligence does. She was negligent.

So now we move to the next phase of our downfall as a once great Republic. We now openly have two sets of laws. One for the people, and one for those who can insulate themselves in politics.

Washington warned about political parties usurping the country as a root of loyalty. Today we see that in all of its disgusting glory. Comey admits a crime took place, yet doesn’t believe there is enough evidence for a conviction. Shouldn’t a case like this defer to safety and let a jury decide that. After all we are only talking about someone trying to lead this country for the next 4 years.

To those men who pledged their life, liberty, and sacred honor, we profusely apologize, we no longer know what those words mean. We gave up our honor years ago, this is just another step in the destruction of western values and classical liberalism. Freedom can only exist when the rules are applied evenly and everyone knows the consequences of their actions. That also mean there must be consequences for your actions for all, not just some.

But hey, Clinton is going to be given a ride on Air Force one today with Obama to a campaign rally. Seems only fitting doesn’t it.

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