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A Delegate Revolt?

First let me point out I have all of zero willingness to vote for Dear Orange. It will not happen. And if you think that puts me in the felons camp, then your not pay it attention. Now I’m seeing … Continue reading

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Principles and spines. Why the GOP establishment doesn’t understand.

Word came out today that McConnell and the GOP establishment are hell bent on destroying a private Republican consulting firm because they had the audacity to work with the Senate Conservatives Fund. This really comes as no surprise. After all … Continue reading

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Dems have once again lost their minds.

First it was Steny Hoyer coming out and giving the Balanced Budget Amendment the greatest endorsement anyone could have ever dreamed about when he said that it would make it virtually impossible to raise taxes. Now Chuck Schumer wants to … Continue reading

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Liberalism vs Conservatism: What does it all mean?

Let me start by saying that I’m sure that we here at The Handbook are not the first ones to say what I am about to say, but I would like to say it in my own way. The concept … Continue reading

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Why do we do this to ourselves?

Four years ago I wrote a blog on Townhall that I kept up with for about a total of 45 minutes. I have since beaten that record here. Thank you to both of you reading this. Now four years ago … Continue reading

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