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Our Apologies Mr. Franklin, but we could only keep it for 240 years.

Today Mr. Comey, the FBI director, announced that “No reasonable prosecutor” would be willing to take the case against Hillary Clinton for her bathroom server. Well actually its servers now. See that was some other info he gave us today. … Continue reading

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Hillary’s email problems show how stupid she thinks you are.

Not the actual investigation, mind you. The level of stupidity of the Clinton family as a whole criminal enterprise. These are the people you would watch on World’s Dumbest Criminals if they weren’t a former first family. Bryan Pagliano has … Continue reading

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Turns out Benghazi probe not so Independent or Thorough.

So news broke today on Fox News and at the Daily Signal with Cheryl Attkinson destroying the Obama Administration and the State Department’s desire to have you just accept the crap that came out of the ARB. Knowing what we … Continue reading

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Concussion prevents Hillary from Testifying… Next Week

That’s right. As reported by Fox News recently. Our Secretary of State fainted and hit her head causing a concussion. Plausible that it could happen. Causing her to be so out of it she cannot testify five days away is … Continue reading

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