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Our Apologies Mr. Franklin, but we could only keep it for 240 years.

Today Mr. Comey, the FBI director, announced that “No reasonable prosecutor” would be willing to take the case against Hillary Clinton for her bathroom server. Well actually its servers now. See that was some other info he gave us today. … Continue reading

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This idiotic sit in by Democrats might be the best thing ever.

Now follow me on this before the pitch forks and calls of traitor come out. No I will never support taking away someone’s God given, Constitutionally protected rights without due process. I love my guns and anyone who ever tries … Continue reading

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Denying Delegates is just GOP Failure

The current plan by the GOP is not surprising. It is what they always do. Lose. At. Life. Face it, when is the last time the Republicans won anything? Legislatively? Election wise? Anything? Don’t tell me about 2010 and 2014 … Continue reading

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NY values?

What are New York values? That seems to be the question lately. When Ted Cruz said that Donald Trump represented NY values what exactly did he mean? Well let’s look at this in 1999 Trump gave an interview with Russert … Continue reading

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Whack Job kills people, left rejoices sees new opening for Gun Confiscation.

First off. To the families, friends, and loved ones of those killed in the Umpqua Community College shooting yesterday, the prayers and thoughts of the Handbook go out to you. As I said about the shooting in Lafayette, LA, nothing prepares … Continue reading

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Only the House can control the money.

Now I know what I’m about to propose is a bit out there in this day and age, but follow me anyway. See apparently the Turtle, his democrat allies, and those that have never read or seen the Constitution in the … Continue reading

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Shutdown theater season is here.

Rejoice all ye who enter. It is the middle of September. That can mean only one thing. Congress has again failed to follow the law and pass a budget and spending bills for the following fiscal year. Which means we … Continue reading

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Why Trump is the New Eisenhower on Immigration

Originally posted on PUMABydesign001's Blog:
By: Jeffrey Lord | The issue? Illegal immigration. The answer? The Republican candidate had an answer. If he were elected president, the illegals swarming into the United States from Mexico would have to go.…

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Debate part Deux

So watched me some debates last night. Learned zero. In the first debate the first half of it was entirely dedicated to Donald Trump. Not what those four have to offer, although in the case of Lindsey Graham we already … Continue reading

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KY clerk Kim Davis jailed

In what can only be described as the further erosion of God’s blessings on this country, Kim Davis has been ordered to jail for contempt of court. A stay was requested and denied by the judge, who has decided that … Continue reading

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