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Our Apologies Mr. Franklin, but we could only keep it for 240 years.

Today Mr. Comey, the FBI director, announced that “No reasonable prosecutor” would be willing to take the case against Hillary Clinton for her bathroom server. Well actually its servers now. See that was some other info he gave us today. … Continue reading

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This idiotic sit in by Democrats might be the best thing ever.

Now follow me on this before the pitch forks and calls of traitor come out. No I will never support taking away someone’s God given, Constitutionally protected rights without due process. I love my guns and anyone who ever tries … Continue reading

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A Delegate Revolt?

First let me point out I have all of zero willingness to vote for Dear Orange. It will not happen. And if you think that puts me in the felons camp, then your not pay it attention. Now I’m seeing … Continue reading

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Denying Delegates is just GOP Failure

The current plan by the GOP is not surprising. It is what they always do. Lose. At. Life. Face it, when is the last time the Republicans won anything? Legislatively? Election wise? Anything? Don’t tell me about 2010 and 2014 … Continue reading

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NY values?

What are New York values? That seems to be the question lately. When Ted Cruz said that Donald Trump represented NY values what exactly did he mean? Well let’s look at this in 1999 Trump gave an interview with Russert … Continue reading

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Excuses and Emergencies do not explain the Omnibus. Cowardice does.

To start this I want to bring up two sayings. The first is that lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. The second is that excuses are like assholes, everyone has one and … Continue reading

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The Constitution does not extend beyond our borders.

That is to say with the exception of U.S. citizens on our bases around the world. The Constitution is for the protection of American citizens from the federal government. It is graciously extended to those in the US both legally … Continue reading

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Being Speaker is easy, the directions were written in 1776

Everywhere you read lately the GOP is either in a civil war, a herd of cats, or is completely unmanageable. While the first part is partially true, the last one is not. See, there is no secret on how to … Continue reading

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McCarthy quits, speculation grows. Conservatives chance is now.

When the news broke about Kevin McCarthy taking his ball and going home in the race for Speaker of the House my first reaction was HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA My second thought was HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA After that my thought was to congratulate the HFC … Continue reading

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Voter ID good, Fingerprints would be better.

So according to RedState this morning the ACLU is again fighting their never ending quest to remove any type of oversight concerning voter activity before the 2016 election. That means once again Voter ID is on the mind of every … Continue reading

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